Development course

  • 2019

    Deogra designed and launched BLDC hair dryer for high level professiional market.

  • 2018

    DEOGRA designed the first USB mini product in the market. A smart and truly light-weight product for heat on the go!

  • 2017

    DEOGRA introduced its advanced heating technology into beauty and health care fields and started a new challenge for beauty and health care.

  • 2015

    DEOGRA AND KOREAN partner again innovated the new safe and fast heating technology of JPH to our products. And it is amazing.

  • 2014

    DEOGRA and J3, partner in South Korea, applied the NST technology into hair beauty products. And it was a kind of revolution.

  • 2012

    DEOGRA introduced nut oil technology into the hairdressing tool industry ;

  • 2010

    DEOGRA applied Keratin technology to development of heating plates.

  • 2008

    DEOGRA cooperated with WUHAN university and improved technical of PTC heater. Created a new era for safe and fast hear up.

  • 2007

    DEOGRA started the firstcooperation with Korean partner, and we introduced lithium battery into hair beauty products.

  • 2006

    We designed and produced the world first digital displayed rechargeable hair iron DG048. Mr. Fernado Romero who had been the CEO of VS for 30years said it was the first rechargeable hair iron in the world.

  • 2005

    Apr : We developed the first hair straightener DG019 with LCD digital display and Ceramic heater all through China.   

    Jun : We developed the first LCD displayed hair dryer DG065, which has the touch control system. Since then DEOGRA has enriched the three main series of the hair beauty products-Hair straightener, Hair curler and hair dryer.

  • 2004

    We developed the first hair straightener DG036 with LCD digital display and Ceramic heater all through China.